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Brittany Andrews was born at August 13, 1973 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Brittany Andrews is an American pornographic actress and exotic dancer. Andrews grew up in Milwaukee and has described herself as being "a total punk rocker. I had hot pink hair in a very tall Mohawk. Brittany Andrews worked in a Milwaukee beauty supply company before starting her career as an exotic dancer. While living in Texas, Andrews became a popular feature dancer after undergoing rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.
Brittany began doing photo shoots for men's magazines and began her career in adult film, after meeting Jenna Jameson, in 1995, during a photo shoot for Hustler magazine, in Jamaica. Brittany starred in her first film, Internal Affairs, in 1997, for which she was nominated for an AVN award. In addition to adult film she hosts several cable TV shows, including Playboy TV and Talking Blue, which she co-produces, and running her own film production company, Britco Pictures, in Los Angeles, California. Brittany Andrews is also actively involved in multiple adult websites and companies, 22 different sites as of October 2005.
In December 2003, Brittany Andrews was appointed to the Women In Adult Board of Directors as the Talent Liaison.

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